AMA Global Technology – an NJ Corporation incorporated in 2006 is one of the Altruist group companies. AMA Global is a global software development and services organization, focusing on developing quality mobile and web-based solutions for organizations that meets our customer’s expectations, at an offshore cost advantage. AMA Global has been helping its clients with their Staffing Needs in USA and helping them with saving costs by providing offshore resources in a Managed Services Model.

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Web Development

Realize the Potential of Custom Web Development Services

The entire corporate world is going online. In simple words, the corporate world is witnessing the wind of change.

Are you changing your mode of business? Are you taking your business online? Do you ever realize the advantage of taking your business online? What is the most effective way to take your business online? What if your current business website is not according to the latest trends or platforms? These are some very important questions that you need ask yourself.

In such a situation, you must realize the potential offered by the custom websites offering faucets like ease of use, high level of interactivity and attractiveness for the success and growth of your business. Moreover, updating a website developed using custom web development services is not a herculean task. The occurrence of lesser snags allows you to modify your website according to the requirements of your business.


Mobile Applications Have Come a Long Way!

Your business needs a powerful and unique mobile app for corporate success. Facts never lie and you know that! Why almost 80% renowned CEOs are meditating on the concept of providing 30% of their products at the touch of a finger to their customers? The answer to this question is the productivity of modern day mobile apps for profitable business generation and security at their fingertips.

Your business needs mobile app development services for growth because almost 40% businesses are conceptualizing the idea of deploying a mobile app for almost 60% consumers. Moreover, the indispensability of mobile applications is increasing on the strategic front. Modern Mobile apps are turning out to be extremely affordable, qualitative and easy to use technology for controlling, automating and generating business. Taking all this into consideration, it is very important for you to determine the direction your business is heading towards.

Are you also taking your business digital in the same way? Are you thinking about an app for promoting or expanding your business like never before? It is all possible with Just a touch of a finger! Think about it.

Remember, the entire app development procedure requires a team of professional mobile application service providers loaded with the wealth of technical expertise to develop your ideation into a really, powerful and unique business mobile app. In simple words, Mobile application development is not a cakewalk by any means.

Our never say die attitude towards developing your creative ideas into completely inimitable and unerring mobile applications has helped us serve many clients successfully.

Healthcare Services

We Optimize Your Billing Process

The stress of finance complications and overdue accounts can affect a healthcare provider both financially and emotionally. The ever-changing payer rules and modern care delivery models are only making the revenue cycle management more and more challenging with each passing day. And this is where the medical billing specialists of Axtrics come to your rescue! We extend our professional revenue management solutions and payer services that will bring about a positive change in both your reimbursement process and profits. Genius organization tips for kids room.

Enrollment Services

Our team addresses medical enrollment services of our clients diligently. We submit remits, claims and eligibility verifications to all the payers electronically. Our enrollment experts get you enrolled with all the payers to receive reliable and fast reimbursements. Our enrollment services set a platform for error-free medical submission, processing, and realization. With our enrollment staff, you also get a wider exposure.

Contact an enrollment expert to know more.

Eligibility/Prior Authorizations

Almost 75% of the claims are denied and rejected due to ineligible patient insurance. Eligibility verification is imperative to avoid these denials. We carry out a prior authorization process regarding insurance eligibility, need of a referral, services covered by the insurer and need for collection of a copayment. Our committed team gets every piece of information required in the eligibility verification process.

Contact an eligibility expert to know more.

Charge Posting

This process is key in medical billing. Any error in the charges entered can result in denial of claims of reimbursement for physician's services. Our team has the expertise and knowledge of charge entry in various medical billing systems and for various healthcare organizations. Our charge posting services include entering ICD codes, CPT codes, and modifiers in the billing software systems.

Contact a payment posting expert to know more.

Medical Coding

Our medical coding team has certified coders who carry many years’ of experience and skills. Our coders extend their best services to transform your medical billing process. We acknowledge the significance of accuracy in coding and do our best to avoid any medical errors which can cause claim denials. There are two main types of errors: over coding and down coding. Over coding increases the number of denials and down coding results in lower reimbursement. Our coders keep up with all industry standards and compliances to prevent such errors.

Contact a medical coding expert to know more.

Medical Billing

From basic medical terminology to advanced software applications and from common insurance policies to different methods of billing patients, our medical experts have knowledge on every facet of medical billing. We know about all the major medical coverage plans, such as the Point-of-Service Plans (POS), Fee-for-Service Plans, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Our medical billers have a good working knowledge spreadsheets, state-of-the-art word processing skills, electronic mail, database management, and bookkeeping. Medical specialists are well versed in filing claims electronically and pursue effective communication with insurers.

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Payment Posting

We pay utmost attention to the payment posting and take it as s key process of medical billing. Our payment posting team receives the scanned EOBs and checks from the payers and patients and enter them into the client's medical billing system. The amounts entered from these checks and EOBs are reconciled daily. Our team also posts the electronic payments into the billing software. Any exceptions or fallouts are handled manually to ensure and a daily log is updated with all this data.

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Accounts Receivable

Once the claims are sent to the payer and updated in the system for processing. the claims are examined and given priority on the basis of filing limits and the age of the claim. Our analysis team, resolution team and calling team work in sync to pursue these claims and reduce the accounts receivable (AR) days. The AR management cycle includes periodic follow-ups with insurance carriers either by email, over the phone or by accessing their websites online. The AR management model leverages techniques to maximize cash flow. We ensure that the underpaid claims are processed correctly and all the denied claims are appealed.

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Data is nothing when it is not interpreted and presented in the right way which facilitates actionable insights. Our analytical team fetches real team reports from client’s medical data and provides a meaningful financial report to help the client track their billing indicators and maximize their financial performance. Whether it is data interpretation, data discovery, evaluation or presentation, we are well versed with every step of the way of digital analytics.

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Staff Augmentation

A Solution to Your Staffing Needs

A constant struggle to retain and train experts with required skills to get the work done and achieve success as well as excellence has been a common issue organizations are facing globally. While some organizations are comfortable hiring third-party manage part, many seek to augment their in-house skills with external talent who can work under their guidance. Because hiring a fresh team for time-bound tasks in any organization is not always a good choice, augmented staffing is the answer. It helps organizations that are facing the dilemma of freshly hiring trained individuals or simply hiring a capable team for the duration of the project. Augments staffing can help you achieve business goals with experience that accelerates the quality and speed of project development and avoid any overhead cost and time required for internal skill development


Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing helps organizations to reduce overhead costs and ramp up project teams to fill requirement-based needs.


Employee Hosting

Employee Hosting helps organizations to reduce overhead costs and ramp up project teams to fill requirement-based needs.



On-Site helps organizations to reduce overhead costs and ramp up project teams to fill requirement-based needs.



Off-Site helps organizations to reduce overhead costs and ramp up project teams to fill requirement-based needs.

Education Consulting

Realize the Potential of Custom Web Development Services

We strive to use education to empower our students to become Global Citizens

We understand student to mean potential and self-confidence, we believe that education can help actualize our students potential, empower their self-confidence, thus transforming them into emboldened, can-do people.

We enlighten potential students to become prospective leaders with the help of emerging trends of technology that has a major impact on the higher education and specialization programs.

We have partnered with EDULINK to Educate the student, Enlighten the Soul and Empower the global citizen to become leaders in the 21st Century by bringing CAPSTONE Character Bridge Program to schools in India.